While you do not need to visit us prior to booking a stay for your cat you may feel reassured if you have seen the accommodation and environment your pet will be staying in beforehand. Please feel free to come and visit during opening hours.

Prior to a visit to the cattery it is important to ensure your cat is up to date with vaccinations for cat flu (herpes virus and calicivirus), and feline infectious enteritis (or so-called panleukopenia). Make sure you have your vaccination documents to hand as we will need to see these prior to checking your cat in when you arrive.

Some cats can become stressed by a change of environment, although most settle within a few hours. We provide bedding and toys in the runs but you can bring a small blanket, a toy or other familiar item, that your cat will find comforting with its familiar smells, etc

We also provide all food but, if your cat has a special diet we can accommodate this if you bring along sufficient feed for the duration of the stay. Our staff are also experienced in administering medication. If your cat needs medication please provide a supply for the duration of the stay along with details of the dosage required.

Your cat should be brought to the cattery in a secure cat basket to ensure he/she does not escape when delivered.

When you arrive we will take your cat to his/her accommodation, make sure they are initially settled, check the vaccination cards and finally check the booking details with you before asking you to sign the booking details.

If you are going on holiday please remember to take our phone number with you in case you wish to ring and check on your cat while you are away. We will ensure we have contact details for you in case of emergency, for example, if your cat needs veterinary care while you are away.

Finally, relax, your pet is in good hands!